Bleu Nature


Here, time is the material, erosion is the concept and wear is the beauty.

Founded in 1995, Bleu Nature came of Frank Lefebvre’s unique vision for driftwood. His passion is to breathe new life into driftwood, to combine it with other material like pebbles, lacquered wood, lacquered metal, leather, skins or acrylic glass.

Every year, a team from Bleu Nature combs beaches for pieces of driftwood. Large or small, straight or twisted—each piece deserves special attention. This drift wood needs no further processing because the water has frozen it in time forever. All Bleu Nature creations are born of an encounter between the technical mastery of a Bleu Nature’s craftsman and the prolonged work of nature. Nature has fashioned each piece of driftwood over time, rendering every item we produce unique in both form and dimension.

With the expert combination of craftsmanship and industrial design, Bleu Nature creates stylish and luxurious furniture and lighting which radiates exquisite taste.