Singapore Champions design during March 2015

17 April, 2015

Singapore stepped up to champion DESIGN last month, with a host of activities celebrating the importance and value of good design.

From Singapore Design Week, to the GREAT British week, Maison et Object Singapore, the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), the launch of the new Thomas Heatherwick at the National Design Centre, Singaporeand the Asian Hotel Design Awards 2015, it was impossible to miss the energy and enthusiasm that this confluence of events and activities generated in Singapore in the name of great design.

Halo Creative & Design were privileged to join a number of these events, with the highlight being its presence at the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS).

Halo’s legal team were very busy, attending a lunch at the British High Commission at Eden Hall and joining the first ever panel discussion on intellectual property at IFFS.

Antony Phillipson, British High Commissioner, invited a select number of British brands active in the ASEAN region to meet with John Alty, CEO of the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) to discuss the issues relating to intellectual property in the ASEAN region. The round table discussion explored systemic issues in the region, areas for development and good news stories, as well as how the UK IPO could provide support. Halo enjoyed connecting with other brand protection specialists dealing with similar issues that we encounter, particularly Simon Jim from Burberry, Brian Walsh from Dyson and Niki Franks from BP. Everyone acknowledged that some very positive changes are taking place in China as well as the ASEAN region due to the proactive support of the UK IPO and the IP attachés.

Halo’s Emily Haslam also joined the first plenary at IFFS on intellectual property relating to design. IFFS has enhanced their furniture fair format to include discussions related to design and business. This first discussion was introduced by John Alty from the UKIPO who provided highlights of UK Intellectual Property rights; followed by Mark Yong, Vice President of Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) and Chairman of Design Development, who provided an insight into the protection available in Singapore to designers. The more informal panel discussion was led by Jamie Rowlands from Wragge & Co., and included Adam Williams from the UKIPO, Alvin Sim from the Ministry of Law in Singapore, as well as Emily Haslam on behalf of Halo Creative & Design. Providing a designers perspective was the Singaporean designer, Hunn Wai, co-founder of Lanzavecchia+Wai, who highlighted that intellectual property shouldn’t be approached as an administrative burden, but rather as part of a diligent approach to the the business of design, sharing examples of significant benefits derived from this approach. The Singaporean government are focusing on their intellectual property program, having consulted with experts from other countries, and seeking to position Singapore as an IP hub for the region. Future initiatives are planned and have already included a mission to the UK to meet with both lawyers, government officials and other British brands to share their experiences and ideas for the region.

Attended by international and local designers as well as B2B buyers & retailers, these events served to educate and remind designers of the importance of protecting their IP especially in the global market place.

We look forward to joining again next year!

Halo Creative and Design