Halo Strengthens IP Enforcement Actions

12 March, 2015

Following successes in Europe, Halo has decided to increase its level of Intellectual property (IP) enforcement action this year, in parallel with China’s increased focus on the protection of intellectual property. Halo is taking action against a number of Chinese companies which have been identified both at tradeshows but also through investigation and enforcement work in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. These five companies being key suppliers of product infringing Halo’s intellectual property in many regions including Europe and Australasia. Notwithstanding the court case in 2010 (which Halo won) and notwithstanding that they have been notified of Halo’s relevant design rights, these companies continue to produce furniture almost identical to the famous Mars Chair, Tom Cat Chair and Valkyrie desk and to advertise them through pricelists and trade fair invitations to its customers, agents and even Halo staff.

Additionally, as part of its increased level of IP enforcement action in China, Halo has successfully had a significant number of takedown notices implemented by the well-known ecommerce site: Alibaba and TMALL. Over 1000 links to products infringing one or more of Halo’s trade marks, designs or copyright have been removed this year. Over 200 of these takedown notices related to just the Mars Chair and the Tom Cat. Halo is particularly grateful to the support of Tom Carver and Daniela Shaw of Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co. based in Guangzhou, as well as the UK IP attaché, Tom Duke, based in Beijing who have provided invaluable assistance in respect of Halo’s IP strategy for China. Halo is grateful to Alibaba, the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) and the Chinese government for its commitment to stop online counterfeiting.

Further, Halo would like to extend its gratitude to the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and the Chinese Government for enhancing IP protection and enforcement through the courts, particularly the new IP court in Guangzhou; and the local Government “enforcement system”, thereby solidifying our decision that China is a long term solution for our luxury furniture and lifestyle business, from where we can continue to make exquisite, hand-crafted innovative furniture and accessories for the global market place.

Halo are committed to protecting our product designs and have successfully enforced our rights in a number of jurisdictions. We have and will continue to take action to enforce our intellectual property rights in all jurisdictions.