Halo and IP Enforcement in China

19 May, 2015

The first few months of 2015 have been successful in China on the IP front for the Halo Group (including Halo Creative & Design Limited, Halo Trademarks Limited, Halo Furnishings Limited and Halo International Holdings Limited, together “Halo”).

Halo has recently agreed settlement terms with the Chinese company Foshan Shunde Ronghe Trade Co., Ltd (“Ronghe”) who were copying many of Halo’s designs, most notably the Tom Cat Chair and the Mars Chair. Ronghe has confirmed that it will cease manufacturing, selling and offering for sale certain products which infringe Halo’s registered design rights in China, as well as destroying all brochures and internet marketing materials in respect of such products. Ronghe has also paid damages to Halo.

In addition, Halo is continuing to make waves on Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba. To date, over 1000 links to copy product (including furniture and lighting) have been deleted as a result of Halo’s complaints. Halo is very grateful to Alibaba for their continued support in protecting Halo’s intellectual property.

Halo is continuing to send out cease & desist letters to infringers, as well as attend tradeshows to search for copy product. At the Canton Fair in April, Halo successfully enforced its registered design rights against three Chinese copyists who were displaying and offering for sale copies of the iconic Tom Cat Chair, Mars Chair and Valkyrie Desk. The copy products were labelled as infringing, covered and removed from the stands.

Halo takes pride in its dedicated design teams and has a strong history of original and innovative design under the Halo brand. It is dedicated to protecting its product designs and will not hesitate to take action required to enforce its rights and protect its intellectual property in all jurisdictions.

Any questions in respect of the above should be directed to Emily Haslam at [email protected]