Counterfeit Protection

Thank you so much for dropping by our website. At Halo, we put a huge amount of effort into designing and offering beautiful and distinctive product designs, room themes and lifestyle concepts; this is what makes us unique.

Unfortunately, there are those who do not respect our innovation in design. We have come across an increasing number of retailers, distributors and manufacturers who are copying our product and selling it as their own design. Poor execution, inferior quality, inadequate finishing, lack of durability and no authenticity label are just some of the characteristics of a counterfeit product. Whilst customer satisfaction is of great importance to us, we disclaim all liability for quality or safety issues arising from any product which is not a Halo original.

Copyists should be warned that Halo approach intellectual property infringement aggressively. During 2014/2015, we have successfully enforced our intellectual property rights in more than 110 matters worldwide, predominantly in France, China and the United Kingdom. We reserve the right to take any and all legal action necessary in order to protect our product designs, trademarks and images.

We are so grateful to you for choosing to purchase a genuine Halo product from one of our brands or authorised distributors. Time, care and effort mean you always get something extraordinary.

If you have any questions, or indeed any information about retailers, distributors and manufacturers who you believe are selling products which are substantially similar to Halo, or who are using our trademarks or images without authorisation, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team by email: [email protected]