Retail Operations Co-ordinator & Assistant Merchandiser – Hong Kong

Posting date: 15 February 2018

Essential skills

  • Outstanding listening skills; ability to ask the right questions to draw out relevant information, can perceive the core of the customer’s issue. ‘Customer’ would include TO managers and Ambassadors, and Partner owned Galleries
  • Situation analysis and evaluation skill
  • Clear verbal communication including the ability to communicate, empathize and be concise
  • Persuasive sales skills and ability to influence
  • Unwavering professional presentation, even under pressure
  • Ability to think outside the box and evolve within the role as the business needs require
  • Strong Excel and reporting/analytical skillset. An ability to understand and use new software when applicable

Key responsibilities

  • Oversees ordering and delivery processes
  • Process All types of orders accurately and in a timely manner
  • Help Manage lead time information and customer expectations efficiently with seamless communication at all times
  • Process the delivery of the orders when ready in the warehouse and communicate with customers, including internal functions (ie Marketing events)
  • Managing the allocation to stock models per store, of all accessory categories, focusing particularly during gift giving/seasonal peaks in the calendar
  • Become the systemic super-user for all software and programs associated with stock and specifically the movement of it
  • Providing BOP solutions to customer when issues arise on the inbound process
  • First point of contact of customer with respect to order claims, both logistic, technical and finance claims. This will include the ownership and management of the NCR process, ensuring remuneration in financial or product form is followed through to completion
  • Inventory management and reporting in galleries and warehouse. Regular visits to Warehouse/logistic providers to ensure all TO requirements are adhered to (ie functional racking, effective QC’ing where appropriate, physical and systemic separation of client/stock/refresh/return product)
  • Assist in Building and maintaining a robust and functional delivery cost matrix for the region
  • Support Merchandisers with Sales reports analyses and the interpretation of it
  • Support Merchandisers with product assortment related activities, for all TO+PO. This could include, but is not limited to.. Assortment suggestions, floor mapping, best seller re-orders, refresh management, comp shops and market analysis

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