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HALO is looking for..

Passionate individuals who want to help build a world class company from the ground up. Hard-working, enthusiastic, and tenacious, they are motivated by a long term vision, and aren’t satisfied with conventional careers and companies. It’s helpful to have a youthful spirit, a sense of creativity, adventure and a sense of style.

Why would HALO appeal to me?
I have a choice of where I work, so I want to make it count. Some options are financially attractive, but lack soul. I’m looking a niche or boutique company with an inspiring vision in which I can somehow sense the opportunity for an exciting career, and where my creativity and innovation are valued and nurtured.

What’s in it for me?
Within the next few years, HALO will deliver globally renowned propositions – so now is your chance to step into the company and offer what you have to contribute. Do you have what it takes to shape something of world class quality?

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